1974 (MCMLXXIV) was a common year starting on Tuesday of the 1974 Gregorian calendar.

January Edit

  • January: The Bee Gees begin working with Arif Mardin
  • January 4: "It Doesn't Matter Much to Me" is recorded
  • January 5: "Charade" is recorded
  • January 8: "Mr. Natural" is recorded
  • January 21: "Give a Hand, Take a Hand" is recorded

February Edit

  • February: Andy Gibb forms a band called Melody Fayre
  • February 24: The Bee Gees perform on The Mike Douglas Show

March Edit

March: The single "Mr. Natural"/"It Doesn't Matter Much to Me"

April Edit

  • April: Maurice Gibb meets Yvonne Spenceley in Leeds
  • April 28: Concert at the Batley Variety Club in Leeds, UK

May Edit

  • May 13: Mr. Natural is released in the US
  • May 16: Concert in Manchester
  • May 23: Concert in Sheffield

June Edit

  • June: "Throw a penny"/"I can't let you go" is released
  • June 4: Andy Gibb's band Melody Fayre plays at Ballamona Hospital on the Isle of Man
  • June 15: Melody Fayre plays at Ramsey, on the Isle of Man
  • June 17: Robin Gibb's daughter Melissa is born

July Edit

  • July 2: Melody Fayre plays at the Peveril Hotel, on the Isle of Man

August Edit

  • August: The single "Charade"/"Heavy Breathing" is released
  • August 21: Concert in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • August 31: Concert in Winnipeg, Manitoba

September Edit

  • September 9: Melody Fayre plays its last gig on the Isle of Man, and Andy Gibb moves to Australia
  • September 11: The Bee Gees appear on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
  • September 20: Concert in Brisbane, Australia
  • September 27: Concert in Canberra, Australia
  • September 30: Concert in Melbourne, Australia

October Edit

  • October 1: Concert in Melbourne, Australia
  • October 2: Concert in Melbourne, Australia
  • October 3: Concert in Melbourne, Australia (fourth sold out show)